When your friends won't hang out you just have to find new ones

When your friends won't hang out you just have to find new ones

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Negativity on the internet

Originally when i wrote this post I was upset and angry and I had convinced myself that I wasn't hurt by it and that I would use my experience to possibly do some good. That being said I wrote it all out and then decided to hold off on posting so that I could go back and make sure that my feelings ring true. The short side of it is that yes I do still feel this way but yes I did change my post so that it was less rambling and more factual. Think about how what you post on line will relate to others. *disclaimer* I am not about to say that I am not guilty of saying things or posting things that i perhaps shouldn't and I am not here to judge if you have. Granted, if I said something it was in the heat of the moment or just thought it to myself when I have viewed something that has been posted, I have never ever gone out of my way to make someone feel terrible especially in a professional online format. Let me tell you about an online encounter I recently had. The story is as follows: I spent most of the morning updating my online information profiles etc, connecting blogs, updating contact info etc. I was then caught in the never ending abyss that is the internet and found myself on the "people you may know" portion of an online professional network. As I am scrolling along I notice a name that sounds familiar and we have contacts in common so I view the profile. To be clearI do not know this person and am only aware of the name as this individual has been harassing a co-worker of mine for the latter part of three years. I absolutely do not know this person or anything about them so I continue merrily on my way. Shortly there after I get an invite based on the profiles I have viewed so I get a little excited and open my email notification delighted to grow my professional network since I am currently at the point in my life where my career is at the forfront. At this point my heart sinks, I get that feeling like your heart is simultaneously in your throat and you butt. I instantly feel sick to my stomach and as much as I try to be the "tough cookie" I am an emotional person. The invite says "You are terrible person, I would be embarrassed to be associated with you personally or professionally." and then it was signed. Remember I do not know this person at all and this person has never met me or spoken with me, the only thing this individual knows about me is my place of work which is listed in the network. That means that this person went out of their way to tell a complete stranger that they aren't any good and specifically posted something to make someone feel terrible. HOW RUDE! I am not writing to ask for sympathy and I am not writing to gain brownie points my only reason for writing this is to let you know that if you have been "randomly selected" to have a bad day that its ok to talk about it and its ok to tell someone how you are feeling. Its not ok to let someone get the upper hand and ruin something for you. I am here to tell you that its not worth the time spent being mad and if you ever feel like posting things that aren't so nice online - just think twice about it. Once its out there you can't get it back. Till next time - AJ

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What do people even read about on a blog?

What is the purpose of a blog? I don't travel, I'm not a fitness guru, I don't know how to cook or organize and declutter your home in the next 30 days. I'm not a parent or student or even a 'girl boss'. So why bother? Well let me tell you. I have to believe that I am not the only 20 something that doesn't have their life together. Not that I don't work or have a successful relationship I just don't really have any firm plans. Yes, I am married and have been with my husband for the past six years. Yes, I have a job that many would consider a career and I am good at it. I just feel like I'm not the only millennial out there that is just forging along and seeing what comes at them. So - things that I plan on writing about as they come at me are as follows: As i approach my 30s and have had some health set backs I have come to the conclusion that I am no longer that kid that rides her bike to work or who walks to meet up with friends and so part of my 2017 journey is to get my health and wellness back on track. You will no doubt here about some of those trials and tribulations because *news flash* I'm lazy and very much into watching Netflix accompanied by snacks. Most of my days revolve around working and the commute to and from so no doubt that will sneak in now and then. My husband is away at training for his career and I will very shortly become one of those RCMP wives so you will most definitely here about how terrible I am at being a house wife, what living on my own is like and then later about how terrible I am at moving and making new friends. I am incredibly awkward but in an obnoxious way. Like not the quite weird type but the type to blurt things out just as the music goes quiet or fall off my chair in a public restaurant so get ready for some wacky tales about me just trying to adult. Lastly sometimes I get very passionate about causes or things that I deem valuable so I'll write about them too but I promise I won't be offended if you don't want to read them. Please feel free just to skip over. Mostly I just enjoy writing and being the centre of attention so feel free to join me on my journey. Till next week - AJ